Great weekend session. Russ is still the master, and got us sounding better than we ever hoped. working with him is a complete pleasure and so damned relaxed . Thanks heaps for you guy's making the sessions so easy. Cheers Chumley and the TUFF LUCK boys.

Great facilities and environment. Very relaxing place to record and we were made to feel at home and in good hands with our engineer Phil who did a great job with us.
-Jürgen Joarder (The Vegas Nerves)

Russell looked after our mix like a boss. Big sound. Marshall gave us an awesome deal and we will be back...
-DanDan Nebe

Hi Marshall,
Just wanted to let you know it was absolutely awesome working at your studio with Russell. Thank you so much for the time and the space to record these new tracks. I appreciate the set up that you provided.
-Ariane Campbell (sydney/new york)

Hello Marshall,
We are very happy with the results from last weekend and I feel we must commend Phil Luces for the great Engineering work he did. We hope to return soon and would love to work with him again. He was brilliant on both a creative and personal level. -The Vegas Nerves

Well we have completed 6 days mixing at Damien Gerard Studios at Balmain with Russell 'Golden Ears' Pilling and we are so stoked with the result! From day one it felt like coming home. Definitely a magic place for us and we had a great time with Rusty working together to bring you a tough 10 track album!  

-The Urban Chiefs 

Bill from Kodiak, UNSW Band Comp Winner on their one day Damien Gerard Studios Experience with Andrew Beck

"Really awesome! Terrific experience.
We all loved it. Thanks for the opportunity! We were able to get two tracks edited and mixed".

I also wanted to say how happy we are to be working with Pete. He's an amazing guy and obviously extremely experienced doing as a sound engineer. From the moment we stepped into the studio last Saturday Pete made us feel 100% comfortable which was great because it was our first time doing this sort of thing and we didn't know what to expect. Keen to see what we can do with him on Saturday, and super keen to hear the finished EP.
Fox Holmes - Sydney


Another great USA review for the Sweetlips album(recorded and mixed by Rusty and mastered by Andrew) this time with a mention of the audio quality
" CD Possesses crystal clear high end clarity and thick low end frequency"--Thanks guys- Daxton Monaghan.
Thanks heaps for that Marshall and Will!


We really appreciate it. Merry Christmas and Happy New year man!


Masters are top.

Dead Brian Band

Thank you for your expertise, tolerance, and forbearance on the Birdman sessions. I was greatly impressed with your work.
Kind Regards,
Nuruddin (Chris) Masuak
From a very happy client
Hey Marshall!
"Had a b#$%^dy excellent day man, turned out so much better than I had expected, Russ is the master! "


Dear Marshall,
Sorry I haven¹t written sooner but I've been up to my ass in recording and mixing...We got the files and they were just perfect and exactly what we were looking for. I can't thank you enough. Let me know if I can do anything for you over here as I have a studio here as well.
Best, Val Garay (Producer, Engineer)
772 North Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Topanga, CA.USA.

Hey Russell, Thanks so much for such a great recording . I was amazed how much we were able to get done in such a short amount of time. I've never before recorded with a studio engineer who really knows their shit (or a band that knows what they're doing for that matter). The relaxed vibe made the whole thing pretty much completely stress free and easy. So thanks man - in a very real way your expertise will help us take things up a notch."
Chris-The Nancies (Nancy Vandals Sydney)

Just wanted to say that the weekend recording went extremely well. the
studio was wonderful and our two engineers, Pete and Dave were well above
and beyond what we were expecting. their efficiency and intuitiveness and
all round good humour helped us achieve the perfect result. both were always
accomodating and fast to respond to ideas etc so thank you so much for
making the experience one of the most personally fulfilling experiences of
our careers.

  Maxine Kauter Band

Just wanted to follow up on our recording on the weekend with Russell and
just say thanks to both of you.

We had a pretty productive time and managed to get a pretty solid 5 songs together in the day and a bit - and it didn't cost too much which


"So happy right now - can't believe how well our songs have come up thanks to Russell
We'll be crediting him as Producer on the record" - Positve Feedback Loop- Canberra

Thanks from the band and crew for the extra effort making the Be My Guru sessions and new Vinyl EP Gravy Train go so well
Hoodoo Gurus

just wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity of the day's recording on Friday with Russ and Damian Gerard Studios. Russ was incredibly professional, took great care with the recording process and above all was such a nice chap. We managed to get four basic tracks recorded and the sound is brilliant.
Hadron Colliders

Hey Russell, Thanks so much for such a great recording . I was amazed how much we were able to get done in such a short amount of time. I've never before recorded with a studio engineer who really knows their shit .The relaxed vibe made the whole thing pretty much completely stress free and easy. So thanks man - in a very real way your expertise will help us take things up a notch." Nancy Vandals 

"I can't speak highly enough of Andrew - he was so good to work with - so professional and quick and fun. This was a moment for me to remember today...re-visiting that old stuff. Thanks for making it possible...we achieved some good results."
Mark Narkowicz (Melbourne Band The Fish John West Reject) Speaking about re mixing and tweaking their classic 1980's album Swim (a collectors item on Amazon) which never made it to digital, not even CD, so baking and transferring  2"tapes from Sing Sing, Mixing , Mastering etc .... all to the betterment.

And as per usual, Russell is doing a sterling and superb job. He is and has always has been the consummate professional, courteous and great to work with! (Not that you don't already know that) but please use it as review if needed! 
Mick O'Shea - Drums(Rose Tattoo, Bitzer, Lucy De Soto and many more)

-Jay from Hazmat on the phone ,,,,,,,

"Russell has done it again, we cant believe how good this guy and the studio is-see you for the entire album very soon"

The mastering that Andrew has done has made a massive difference compared to our home studio attempt.
Daniel Dawes NSW
Yes got them back, the masters by Andrew were great, he was very professional, accommodating and flexible. The difference to the tracks is huge!
Marcin-(ex batrider) - SA



“Hey Marshall

 Re Mastering, It sounds great on everything

 William has done a fantastic job, Thankyou”

Todd Hunter, Dragon



“Just a bit of info about the unsung heroes of the recording. Our engineer Russell Pilling has worked with Hoodoo Gurus, Yothu Yindi, The Vines, The Church and Jon Stevens. Amazing credentials!

Our upcoming mastering will be done by Andrew Beck who has mastered albums by Paul Kelly and Kate Miller-Heidke.”

- Avenue Nine



“I would recommend this studio to anyone, the band I am in had our first recording experience ever at this studio when we were barely 14 years old and it was an incredibly enjoyable experience for us and the final product was incredible!”

–Robbie Jeffrey


Hey Marshall
Thanks for the good rates at the studio.
The recording turned out well, and the boys were really happy with it.
Russell was great to work with as always, so please pass that on
Hope to bring another project in soon


-Stu - Excelsior Hotel

Hi Marshall,  great day yesterday.  Russ is a very talented operator!  

Michael Woods

Hi Marshall Just to let you know that a product of your studio and Russell's fine work is going to air nationally tonight The Urban Guerillas video of "Here Comes the Americans" put together with footage from the No War in Iraq rally at the Domain and other peace and anti Bush protests, courtesy of Actively Radical TV, will be aired on Rage at 4am tomorrow morning. There are also some animations that have the harbour bridge get another arch and turn yellow and a KFC cup replace the centrepoint tower. I won't ruin the entertainment value by telling any more.

Ken Urban - Guerillas

Dear Marshall. 
please pass on our extreme thanx to sir russell pilling (well if he hasn't been knighted yet he damn well should be!) for making our session at damien's yesterday such an enjoyable time. Iit seems unfair to the rest of us that such a nice guy should be so hugely talented as well, but there you go.
 We and everyone here at citizenworld are knocked out by the results. we will definitely be back. 
so thanx marshall, thanx damiens and especially thanx russell - we really do appreciate your care, attention to detail, gentle prodding us towards a slightly better or more in-tune take and general creative vibe.

-- be a good citizen 
john, hans & tommy 
john citizen






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