Setting Up a LIVE Recording Session

In this video: Chief Engineer at Damien Gerard Recording Studios Sydney - Russell Pilling - takes you step by step through his entire process for setting up a live recording session. He shows you what mics he uses on each instrument, proper mic placement and signal paths.

He also shows you:

How to Mic Up a Drum Kit

How to Mic Up Guitar Amps Properly

How to Record Bass Using a DI and Mic Without Phase Issues

How to Set Your Compressors

EQ  Settings on the way in to Protools

…and a whole lot more.


at the end of this video you get to watch Eugene (the band) track a live take. The recording you'll hear is actually a mixed version of their song with overdubs and is a great example of how your songs could sound prior to mastering

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Studio Address: 174 Mullens Street Balmain 2041

This video was produced by Damien Gerard Studios with the help of:

Jaimie Carter (camera operator) 

Peter Montgomery (editor / voice over interviewer)

Eugene (the band)

You can download the mastered version of That'll Do Pig - written and performed by Eugene (the band)
as part of their EP from Bandcamp:

Recorded in July 2015 with Russell Pilling at Damien Gerard Studios, Sydney Australia.

Mixed by Helmut Uhlmann at Bunk Bed Beats. 

Mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering.

Rusty's Tip Of The Week #5 - Performance Trumps Tech

In simple terms this means exactly what it says - no matter how much fancy gear, plugins, mics etc you have if the singer wants to lie on the floor in the bathroom and sing into an SM57 (yes this did happen) and that is how they are most relaxed and comfortable then that is what's going to be the best vocal take you will get!!
And of course this totally applies to the spur of the moment

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Rusty's tip of the week # 4 - How To Record Vocals So They Count

This topic is just about infinite and everyone has an opinion but...

here's just a few simple things to keep in mind that I have found really useful over the years.

 In general the lead vocal is the most important part of the song, it's what the public relate to and sing along with, so……
"don't make it the very last thing you record". This can be harder than it sounds because it is good to have some decent parts down first for the singer to pitch to and 'feel' the track. On the other hand you

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Country Music Icon Bill Chambers Records at DGs

We had country music icon Bill Chambers performing and recording at Damien Gerard Studios on his return from the Nannup Music Festival. He performed on a Not Good With Horses single duetting with the lovely Brielle Davis. This song was produced by Brendan Gallagher and engineered by Russell Pilling.

Rusty's Tip of The Week # 3

Rusty's tip of the week # 3 - one simple idea to make the drums stand out.......

Ever wondered how they get that high end high quality sheen on the top end sound to the drums, ?
think of those hifi audiophile recordings,think Pink Floyd, Muse and others.

Well of course you can talk about the room itself, the mics, the preamps and then what the mix and mastering guys do
BUT one of the most forgotten things and the simplest is way back to the source - how about Cleaning and Polishing those cymbals!!

it really does make an immediate and obvious difference, gives that cut through hifi crispness
on the hi hat, ride and crashes -without over eq'ing or compressing!! Which more than ever in the world of digital and plug ins
is very much to the advantage.

Of course if your project is a Lo Fi Grunge affair then maybe do the opposite - Never clean those things - Ever!!


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