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Tech Talk - Recording Vocals
Following on from the drum articles heres some tips on the MOST important thing you will record in a normal music session-

Lead Vocal Overdubs is arguably the single most important Overdub of any song that has a lyric and vocal component Because

1-    Even in copyright terms lyrics and melody count for 50% of any musical work

2-    The vocal/lyric is what most people respond to when listening to songs – it is that which evokes an emotional response from the listener.

So in view of that I believe some thought, time and effort should be put into approaching this in the correct way, prioritizing and maximizing the vocal performance of any recording.
Here are some less technical  thoughts to be aware of when working with singers;
*Their voice is the instrument, its not something external like a guitar, so if they are tired, hungry, bored, uncomfortable in any way it will affect the performance more drastically than other players.
*The singer is often the most self conscious band member (especially if the lyricist as well) so singing under a bright  flouro light with 5 other guys and girlfriends  staring at them through the control window is probably not a good idea.

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Recent Sessions March 2015

The Studio has seen a wealth of sessions over the past few weeks.
Sinead Burgess (pictured) has been working on 3 songs for ABC Records(Universal) along with shooting a behind the scenes of the recording for Youtube
so theres been a massive live tracking set up as well as a film crew hanging out with Russ T Rok for that one.We'll link the youtube once its live.
In other sessions Jim Dickson(The New Christs) is about to start a new side project tracking over the weekend.
Heavy Rockers HAZMAT have been back for some time now working on their second album to follow their debut also recorded and mixed at DG's.
A couple of our recent artists have been finding an Audience outside of the country with Big White perfoming at SXSW earlier this month and Daxton scoring 5 star reviews in some USA blogs for
his Sweetlips rock project as well as a local Hit Pick for his solo Blues Project.
DG's has also had a recent Number 1 on the Itunes Blues Charts for Alex Bowen who recorded and mixed in December and was mastered by Willy Bowden in January.....
His song The Book Of Life beat out Ben Harper and Otis Redding on its first day of release.
Finally another recent session is scoring goals around the country, Dali and The Paperband, who tracked on remote Bruny Isle down in Tassy and then mixed and mastered at DG's,  have an east coast tour booked in April to support their EP aptly named 'Island'(MGM)


30th Anniversary 1985-2015

To celebrate our 30 Anniversary theres some new pics from the old Ultmo Studio as well as the current Balmain facility.
We are also running 2 for 1 deals in Febuary - contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to get 2 days for the price of 1 - limited spots available....
We have also completed a massive upgrade to the Pro Tools Rig - now running PT11(soon to be PT12 when its available) AND finally a brilliant new 
Interface - The Mighty Antelope Orion 32 I/O 192KHZ A-D with all the bells and whistles.
New Pics are HERE.

Welcome Antelope Orion

As part of our 30th year in business we have recently upgraded the mai Pro Tools Interface in Studio A to the latest Antelope Orion 192 Khz 32 I/O.

The Converter has received rave reviews around the planet and having now used the beast for just a few weeks we have to agree.

More ins and outs than you poke a stick at and a really accurate internal clock, great converters and a solid build all amounts to a far superior A-D /D-A solution then before.


News Dec 2014


Next year is our 30th Anniversary ......

.....and we'll be running special promotions throughout so watch this space and if you have'nt already sign up to our newsletter down the bottom of this page.

Meanwhile in studio land theres been some fanttastic sessions recently including  Pete Holz Overseeing 70+ hours of voice overs for a new car speech recognition system on the clients own B+K mic and calibration box fedexxed from NYC. Russ Piling has been working on numerous sessions including Feicks Device, Nancy Vandal, The Wasters, Mahana, Dead Brian, Tim Walker, Urban Guerillas and Big White. Brad Shepherd from The Gurus spent a tech day at the studio with his stage tech building and testing a new 2 tier pedal board and wireless rig through his trusty Fender Tonemaster.


Andrew Beck has been busy in the Red Stairs with singles and albums for the likes of Kim Davis, Tim Walker, Owen Mancell, Dali and the Paperband and Simon Gibson.

William Bowden’s session’s include Perry Keys, Emperors, Alannah Stone, King Tide, Hermitude, Emma Louise and many more.

Live FOH and Tour Mangement from Marshall Cullen
Some challenging shows through November including The Church at Mullum Fest on a Digico D9 – over 30 lines with no sound check. A launch for Qantas with a 16 piece jazz act inc 6 piece strings, accordion, mandolin, keys, guitar, drums and double bass. Having DPA4099’s on the strings saved the day as we had to compete with the new Jet taxie’ing its wing over the top of the band as they played. The Aria’s with Neil Finn and Paul Kelly and all the fun of live TV. Finally the final Be My Guru show of the year in WA with all 8 band members from Le Hoodoo Gurus to the present day ‘Gurus on stage at once.-pic below






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