New Drum Room Sounds

Hear some samples of the awesome new drum room with 4.5 metre ceilings from our recent renovation right here

DG's Studio News August 2018

New Spring Deals
Now we have the new live room with the extra high ceiling we are keen for everyone to try it out. So heres some great deals and incentives to help you work it out.
(IE $800+GST FOR 2 DAYS)
Release Package Deals
5 day EP Deal inc master  $3000
7 day EP /Album Deal $4000
15 Day Album Deal $9000

Session Highlights

Following the roof renovation mentioned in last months newsletter, gaining just over 4 metres of extra height in the live room, recent sessions enjoying the new space have included-
Kim Smith tracking w legends Dario, Fab, Rusty (pic) and then some overdubs assisted by Pete Holz on guitar. Kai Paynter cutting vocals with Russ for a project being finished in New York, A Heavy Rock band from Bavaria being mixed on spec remotely by Russ, Tuff Luck putting the final touches onto their mixes for the new record, Mark Thomson tracking and mixing new songs for his forthcoming EP. Texas Strangers moving from tracking to mixing mode w Russ for their awesome sounding huge production forthcoming album. Finally Halfway Homebuoy are back from a studio hiatus tracking a bunch of acoustic tunes as a lead up release to their forthcoming new album to be tracked in October.
All the engineers and producers report great results in the new space.

Bored Shorts - Figure 8 (Official Video)

Congrats to Bored Shorts scoring Artist of the Week On FBI Radio and premiering their new single/video all recorded and mixed by Russ.
Check it out

Mastering Highlights

Peter Holz has been working with Volte, Phoebe Day, Kim Smith, Rachael Fahim and plenty more as well as handcrafting all manner of custom audio electronic bits n pieces.

Andrew Beck is taking a well earned break and is back for bookings from September 12.
Willy Bowden - now back from his break in the UK where he found time to sit in on a London Church gig with the infamous Tim Powles(pic) has been busy Mastering for Colin Buchanan(album), Clea(single), Bradley Stone(single), Alex and Bec Crook(album),  Adaka(single), Giselle Rosselli(single), TJ Eckleberg(album), Autosuggest(album),

Radio Plugging, Distribution and Media

Some great campaigns rolling out for a wealth of brilliant releases including Diana Anaid, The Gareth Koch and Peter Bonner, Team Utopia, Vegas Nerves, Jessie May Kitchen(see video click pic), Ivona Rose, Fiona Joy and Tailor Birds to name a few.
Just contact below for details to get your music out to radio, press and online, we can include spotify/amazon/itunes if required.

Studio News May 2018


Message From The Boss

Firstly welcome to our new subscribers-the studio has been so busy its been a while since we did an update-feel free to unsubscribe if this is not to your liking!
Another Winter Tour is underway for the Hoodoo Gurus and You Am I. 1000 punters rocked out up at Kingscliff and Coffs Harbour on the weekend and theres plenty more to come. Trucking around a trusty AVID SC48 has and some keys mics including my new favorite the ATM4080 Ribbon has been saving the day with club PA Systems.
Finally here's some new tunes fresh from release on Rustys Spotify Playlist...

Marshall Cullen ~ Director

New Ep and Album Deals - 
Rates have dropped for Ep and Album deals as we are now treating manufacture separately. For example a 5 day EP deal inc Mastering can now be achieved for as little as $2750+gst. All of these deals Include tracking to 2" Tape if desired.

Please contact us asap so you don't miss out. email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
call 0416 143 030 or simply reply to this email.


Session Highlights

May found us working on a variety of projects with the full complement of engineers.
Russell lent his skills to sessions for Vegas Nerves, Featured Product, The Commercial, Lord Dodongo(Youth Rock Winners), The Texas Strangers and a side project mix for Dave Faulkner. Marshall Cullen recorded and interviewed none other than Little Pattie for a Podcast.
Andrew Beck recorded some didge for a film project plus worked up some demos for new young Central Coast Artist Jessie May Kitchen in his Erina Studio(pic) and finally Phil Luces helped out on some co mixing with Russell, while Peter Holz laid down some session guitar for Lily Duval.


Video The Vegas Nerves - A List As Long As Your Arm

Heres the home made Video from upcoming single 'A List As Long As Your Arm'.

We reckon the guys have done extremely well and really captured the essence of the tune.

Rusty's massive mix was mastered By Andrew Beck
Check it out


Mastering and Red Stairs HIghlights

Peter Holz has been working with Mark Wilkinson, Iluka, Jacko Brazier and many more-click the image to see the latest.

Andrew Beck - (pic) happily well ensconced in his new room
has been Mastering Vegas Nerves, Featured Product, Medusas Wake, The Commercial
as well as various sessions including somefilm soundtrack work and Jessie May Kitchen demos.

King Willy Bowden - New Masters for - 
Fourplay (new single), Judah Kelly (new album)Straight Arrows (new album)
Kate Pass (jazz album), John Williamson (yes - that guy), Haiku Hands (vinyl single)

NB Willy is off to the UK for a month so taking bookings from August onwards only.

For any Mastering Bookings just reply to this email or use  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Radio Plugging and Media

It's been a real pleasure working Diana Anaid's recent album My Queen and the Better Girl Tour. Taking her around to interviews at The ABC and great radio shows such as Stuart Coupe's Dirt Musicon 2ser(pic). We are just about to start onVegas Nerves who've been using the studio for the second time around .Just drop an email or call 0416 143 030 for more info.

For ALL Studio and Mastering bookings and Enquiries  contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Creating the best Live Drum Tracking Room In Sydney

As promised in last issue heres some pics and the roof story-

The old 1970's false ceiling was a network of panels, insulation batts, fabric (note the 70’s patterns) plastic wrap and a stud grid.

We decided to keep the industrial look and save the grid, plus re use it to mount baffles and rope lights. Once the room was cleaned out , drop sheeted, and the Mics safely locked in one of the booths the first job was to suit up and remove all the roof panels and then the Insulation, it was just regular batts , nothing too nasty, but  hazmat suits were donned, better safe than sorry for the team.

We kept the best of these plus the thick plastic backing to re purpose the best of the old panels into much more useful insulated baffles -  some builders string, staples and tight measurements got those done with no problems.

Once everything was out and cleaned up we used a 3D laser set up, courtesy of master builder Jack, to align where the baffles would go up into the roof and where exactly to mount their caribeener type fittings. I’ve gotta say this device was an amazing piece of kit and saved a days work easily. Everything lined up perfectly on the laser lines and was up in no time at all. The baffles can now be moved around or taken down really easily to really open up the space for strings or anyone needing that John Bonham drum sound.

The next step was to re purpose the old light outlets into Batten mount GPOS and run the rope lights into them. That way the original switching still works and we are future proofed as well.

Finally mics and other live room kit went back into positions and some room mics were run out as a test with some drums(pics). Sessions ever since have been great, with a little more lows and plenty of hi end and that great ambience from the rooms. The CK451 near the window above the old mono tune started as a bit of fun but it sounded remarkably good as a room mic, surprising for a small diaphragm.

We have easiuly gained just over 4 metres in extra height, but its stilll very controllable with the panels and is just that extra bit brighter plus the guys report some more extra lows as well, so the old ceiling was acting as a bass trap, but its certaibnly hasnt added anything boomy or nasty low mid sounding so a win win we think.

Plenty more options with our Stereo Ribbon and Tube Mics way up high need to be explored. The old PZM mic will need to come out of the drawers case and see some use as well we think.

its early days but so far the different kits being recorded have included our in house DW, a Vintage Ludwig, a Gretsch Recording Kit and a Trusty Yamaha Custom and all have absolutely shone in the room.



Current Studio Deals

Opportunities and Deals
Damien Gerard Studios / Foghorn / Soundslikecafe

Well, it certainly was cold this morning and that reminded me to send this-
Winter is coming so here are the new deals and opportunities.

We usually receive a strong response to this so if you are needing studio time anywhere in the next few months please contact early to avoid disappointment. To take advantage of any of the below simply reply to this email ASAP.

(pictured above mixing Big Merino recently)

 + MASTERING $1500

Release Package Deals
5 day EP Deal inc master  $3000
7 day EP /Album Deal $4000
15 Day Album Deal $9000

CD or Vinyl Manufacture Quotes Available POA

All release deals now include a free set up evening plus a consultancy meeting for distribution / plugging tips and we are always happy to help with any preproduction ideas.
NB-Basic Hourly and Daily Rates can vary so please contact for the best rate

All Rates EX GST
Red Stairs Room

Aria Winning Producer/Engineer Peter Holz has been resident in the Red Stairs for a year or more now and has turned it into an amazing creative production space.
Anything is possible with Pete who also produces his own projects in the room with his array of vintage keyboards,
 guitars and amps.
He also has a full featured ITB Mixing Suite set up in the space.
The room is perfect for singer/songwriters needing backing tracks created and help with their songs as well as fine tuning vocals, mixes and anything else you can imagine.

If you want more info on Pete just check out -
To make a booking in the Red Stairs reply to this email.

Andrew Beck's New Mastering Suite continues to impress and now with the new deals, MFIT (mastered for Itunes) and final CD DDP Masters are included at the best Rates yet. 
Add Vinyl EQ Masters and/or instrumental Masters - $POA


Hi End Mastering

Multiple ARIA and Grammy Award Winning 
William Bowden's state-of-the-art suite has successfully relocated to Launceston Tasmania. Usually 4-6 Weeks booked ahead.  $200/hr flat rate. See


Over its 10 year history Soundslikecafe has become one of the premium cafe music services in the country. *It is ambient marketing for your single, ep or album that sends playlists to 1000 cafes nationally who download and play as their background music (Apra Licensed of course).
Plus with the café network in place we can send tour posters and flyers out to them as well
*Genre Permitting.

Some of the artists that have recently used the service as part of their marketing strategy include Nora Jones(USA), Flow(USA), Diana Anaid(tour promo), Big Merino, The Mezcaltones, The Sheyana Band, Hussy Hicks, Slow Club(UK), Vera(Denmark) and Nick De La Hoyde

Digital rates start at $100/track and move up to Feature EP and Album rates from there.
Tour or Release Poster/Flyer service Print and Distro $POA depends on tour locations.
For a quote email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More Info
and now streaming on Spotify

Foghorn Media & Marketing (radio plugging and media servicing) 
Foghorn has built an extensive media database and excellent relationships with Australian media through both it's own releases and third party servicing to radio, press, online and industry taste-makers since 1992. Some recent clients include Flow(USA), Diana Anaid, Tailor Birds, Hussy Hicks(Bluesfest), Newton Faulkner(UK), James Southwell, The Smoking Flowers(USA)

***NB-We have a new Digital Promo Package for subscribers only which inc's Itunes/Spotify/Radio and Soundslikecafe for only $550 
We can quote on a single, Ep or Album service and combine with tour dates.

As always we can do great deals on professional pressings. 500 units minimum including all styles of packaging. Vinyl is now available from 150 units up.
Email us for current rates -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Just wanted to let you know it was absolutely awesome working at your studio with Russell. Thank you so much for the time and the space to record these new tracks. I appreciate the set up that you provided.
-Ariane Campbell (sydney/new york) 


Russell looked after our mix like a boss. Big sound. Marshall gave us an awesome deal and we will be back...
-DanDan Nebe (Team Utopia Brisbane)

Well we have completed 6 days mixing at Damien Gerard Studios at Balmain with Russell 'Golden Ears' Pilling and we are so stoked with the result! From day one it felt like coming home. Definitely a magic place for us and we had a great time with Rusty working together to bring you a tough 10 track album!  
-The Urban Chiefs

Another great USA review for the Sweetlips album(recorded and mixed by Rusty and mastered by Andrew) this time with a mention of the audio quality

" CD Possesses crystal clear high end clarity and thick low end frequency"--Thanks guys- Daxton Monaghan.

I've recorded in a lot of studios around Sydney and I keep coming back to DG's. Best room in town, hands down!
Owen Mancell - Hollerin' Sluggers

We love what Russell does with our guitars in the mix, the way he places them and the finely detailed tweaks he does to make each part really gel together with the vocals so they all have their space really works for us.
Cody Munroe Moore (BIg White)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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