Damien Gerard Studios is a full service recording facility and album quality professional studio which can handle all manner of audio recording whether it be vocals, a full rock band, a string section, classical guitar drums, orchestral harp, bagpipes and so on. Almost anything you can imagine recording we probably have recorded it over the years.

The recording space is a 40 square metre area containing two isolation booths that creates the perfect space for even large bands to record. Excellent acoustics are provided including bass traps built directly into the floating roof structure - a unique design by studio legend Phil Punch. The control room is elevated from the recording space, giving it a similar feel to the iconic Abbey Road Studio B. 


The control room accommodates the large format analog console operated by the studio engineer.  The control room also comes appointed with a large comfortable couch for those long days in the studio. As we have been operating since the 80's we have kept all the best equipment from the early days such as 1960's Neve preamps and classic mics and continually upgraded to maintain the best range of new equipment as well. We have seen the early digital formats (Adat etc) come and go and still maintain our classic analog tape machine as well as running the latest version of Pro Tools on our workstations.

Our client list includes many of Australia's finest bands such as The Hoodoo Gurus and Inxs who have graced the studio over the years, countless young artists and bands on their first ever recording experience and even all the way down to audio books, guided meditation cd's (including whale samples, and no we didn't have a live whale in the live room...)  and much much more. We guarantee all our work and have some amazing testimonials from over 25 years of recording. 


Of course the control room is the heart of the mixing set up as well and with the combination of all the old school Analog compressors and other outboard as well as the automantion and plugin  power of Pro Tools mixdown
is one of our forte's. We often find people may record at home or elsewhere and bring the files to us to mix to put that professional broadcast quality finish to their tunes.
We have just introduced a new service - IMIX- where we can receive multitrack files from any format online and then mixdown for clients from overseas and interstate that can't attend the session.
Our preferred file format is 24 Bit 48 or 44.1 Khz WAV's but we can deal with pretty much anything.
If you are interested in this service please  contact us asap for our introductory rates.

Rather than any more raving on, here is a brief studio workflow for a typical band EP or Mini Album recording day by day......


Typical studio days are 10 hours long starting usually at 10:30am.

Day 1 and 2 - These are the live set up and tracking days, usually performed as a band. This includes isolating any amps but still keeping all players in the room with the drums so the band 'feel' is maintained. 
Alternatively if the singer purely sings then they can be situated in the control room looking through the window, this is usually ideal if the singer would like to avoid headphones.
 These are the days when all Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keys and Guitars are recorded. 

Day 3 and 4 - After the basics have been recorded we them move onto overdubbing. This includes recutting vocals, adding to guitar beds, adding more keys and anything 'extra' like percussion, sound fx or atmosphere can all be added in this time.

Day 5 - Track review and cleanup. This day is used to ensure all tracking is completed and everyone happy with the parts. This is also the day that we use to pick a 'key' song and start mixing

 the tracks together. 

Day 6 and 7 - Finalise mixing and final review of all songs ensuring all songs are ready for mastering.


this is where mixes are brought up to a level suitable for commercial release. this includes tweaking and equalising all tracks to sound similar in quality, pressing a master copy and any other finalising such as 
levelling all instrumental mixes, creating vinyl eq masters and so on. 
we can also insert ISRC's for iTunes at this point if you have them.


Usually a mastering session takes between 3 and 6 hrs depending how many songs need mastering. 
Usually its good to review mixes for about a week prior, we also have the capacity to communicate electronically if you are unavailable to attend a mastering session. 
If you really want to be there we can schedule it closer to end of mixing.

At the end of mastering there is a sealed PMCD for the pressing plant onbviously in correct order, gaps etc ready to make the cds
 also a safety copy and listening copies for you plus any other masters as per above.

 Checkout the separate Mastering Tab for more info.

 Prices on all the above are available upon request as there are often special deals you can take advantage of. Please call us on 0416 143030 or alternatively contact us by email.



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