Zone Out

Locally grown (Central Coast) Jessie-May released her latest debut Zoned Out last month and received raving reviews. The EP was produced by Marshall Cullen and recorded by Russell Pilling at Damien Gerard’s Balmain. Her vocals, mixing and mastering were completed by Andrew Beck here at the new DG’s in West Gosford. Musicians included Mark Cashin-Drums, Matty Piper-Guitar/Bass and Peter Holz on Keyboards.

Jessie-May Kitchen

Speaking of the release, Jessie says “Have you ever been so deep in thought that the world disappears and suddenly you are detached from the physical plane, and all you know is what you are thinking about?  Like a switch has been flicked and the real world just isn’t there anymore.  Most people say they do occasionally or brag that they scandalously day dream whilst doing chores and leave their body on autopilot for a little while.  

Ever since I can remember, I have been switching back and forth from this world to my own, I just Zone Out.  It’s an integral part of who I am.  Zoning out has brought me so many brilliant ideas, inspirations and creations to my life.  

There are many different ways to be smart and tuning out reality, tapping into your imagination is a skilled, worthwhile cleverness.  I wanted to use this EP to bring my world to you.  My stories, thoughts and philosophies in every song, courtesy of tuning out the rest of the world and tapping into my own.  

So, give it a go! Find a safe place of your own, listen to the music, let your imagination run wild and Zone Out.”

Jessie-May Kitchen - Zone Out

Calm In The Eye Of The Storm

Some more great messages in Jessie’s lyrics – “it’s all lies within your perception of your own reality – you either choose defeat or to be calm amidst the chaos.”  With a more uptempo and guitar driven backing track, along with a catchy keys melody another great track.

Jessie-May: “I have a past which others frequently describe as tragic. From a young age I had to learn to swim despite the chaotic waters around me. I wrote Calm In The Eye Of The Storm whilst healing in the midst of these tragedies.”

Jessie-May Kitchen - Head in the Clouds

Head In The Clouds

A note to her younger self, this song features similar production values to the rest of the EP, lush keyboards, full guitars, solid beats and hooky melodies.

Jessie-May: “I wrote Head In The Clouds to my younger self, I want her and anyone similar, to know they are perfect the way they are, and that they are only looked down upon by the people of society, who don’t have the capacity to understand their brilliance.”

Blue Skies

Along with the video Jessie’s new single features a lyrical story of optimism and happiness, overlaying a hybrid acoustic and keyboard driven rhythm track.

Jessie-May: “At the time it was written I was listening to a lot of The Greatest Showman soundtrack, I wanted to write something that made me feel as optimistic and inspired as I felt when listening to those songs.”


Lush keyboards, full guitars, solid beats and a melody that you won’t be able to get out of your head.


 “Zone Out” features a blissful series of colors and vignettes, showing off Jessie May Kitchen’s impressive ability in setting the mood


From the solo acoustic/vocal ballad of ‘Shootin Daisies’ to the eclectic and creative full band track ‘Nightmares’, this EP will certainly please Alternative fans across the board.


You should all go out and buy this brilliant  musical calling card right away.

Dancing About Architecture

The melodies are catchy and light-hearted, with the lyrics often providing a sense of wonder and optimism


“Head In The Clouds” is a catchy indie-folk song with a memorable melody and some amazing vocal hooks. I love the simple, “less is more” feel of this song, as well as the unique appeal of this track, which is one of my favorites on the EP!

The Band Camp Diaries

Kitchen’s inventive tale of sonic zen comes to life in a collection of well-crafted melodies with soul-inspiring messages.

Warlock Asylum