A collection of state of the art and vintage equipment

Inventory List

The Damien Gerard complex has a full service main studio based around a brand new SSL Origin All Analog Large Format 64 fader/88 input Recording Console, the latest in studio monitoring via The Focal system, state of the art Pro Tools and an MCI 24 Track Tape Machine. Mixing and mastering can also be handled within the facility. Plus keeping in line with modern technology, we also have remote mixing and mastering services available.

Our Array of Vintage Mics, Neve pre amps(1073’s) and Classic Compressors (LA2A, 1178, LA12, API, Neve, Vocal Stressors, DBX, etc) are complimented by Lexicon, Roland and Pultec Outboard as well as a wealth of plugins of all kinds on the PT Rig. Along with a Lynx Aurora (n) 32 I/O Interface and the over 40 square metre Control Room and extra acoustic spaces, there is also a selection of classic amps and instruments, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums and keys including a Kawai Upright Acoustic Piano,Wurlitzer, Hammond, Leslie, Vox AC30, Fender Bassman and Marshall Amps.

Control Room


A massive range of guitars including Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Maton, & Guild



A forest of mics to select from including our vintage collection

Drums & Cymbals

Our range includes Vintage Ludwig, Mapex, Sonor & Zildjian


Audio Technica ATH50X

PHDA02 Palmer Personal Headphone Amps


Kawai Upright