Equipment Inventory

Equipment Inventory

Sony MCI JH24

2″ 24-track

SSL Origin

32 channel analogue in-line mixing console with 72 inputs, the first of its kind in Australia.

Revox B77

1/4″  2-track master recorder

Tascam DA30 MK2 DAT Machine

2 track digital

Pultec EQP1A

Original Vintage Tube Equaliser

Teletronix Urei LA2A

Original Tube Compressor

Urei 1178

Stereo limiter 1970s

Urei LA12

Stereo limiter 1980s

Rupert Neve Designs 535

x 2

500 Series Diode Bridge Compressor

API 525

x 2

500 Series Comp/Limiter

Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph

x 2

Stereo 500 series Fully Discrete Compressor

Q2 Audio Compex F765

x 2

Stereo pair 500 series Compressor Limiter

DBX 160A/X

x 3

Mono compresser 1980s

DBX 263X

x 2

Stereo compressor 1980s

Drawmer Gate

x 1

Classic gate expander/ducker 1980s

MXR Dual Limiter

x 1

Classic Limiter 1980s

Ensoniq DP/4

Quad engine multi-effects unit

Roland SDE2000

Classic early digital delay

Roland SDE3000

3 sec advanced digital delay

Lexicon PCM60

Classic reverb

Yamaha SPX90 and 90mk2

x 2

Classic Multi-FX 1980s

Yamaha NS10M

x 2 Pairs

Classic studio monitors 2 sets plus spare drivers

AMPEX 351 Tube Mic Preamp

Original vintage 1960s x 2

ATI 72 Volt Pre / EQ / Dynamics Preamp

Channel strip from Paragon Console as used by U2

Neve 1073

x 4

Original vintage preamp/equaliser

Neve 1073DPA

Neve reissue 1073 dual mic pre

Neve 33115

x 2

Original 1980’s Neve broadcast pre and equalizer in rack set for 4 units

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5017

Mic pre compressor

Golden Age Project Pre73

x 2

1073-style pre amp

Perreaux 3000B

Mosfet power amplifier

Phase Linear Series 400 Amp

x 2

Classic 1970s power amps

Focal Twin 6 BE

Hi end midfield control room monitors

Klipsch Heresy Main Room Monitors 12” 3 Way Monitors

Original USA 1970s midfield monitors

Fostex 6301

x 1 Pair

4″ monitors – self powered

Avantone Active Mix Cube

x 1 Pair

Modern full-range mini reference monitor.

TL Audio VP-1

x 1 Pair

Classic mono valve processors

SansAmp Classic GT2

Original pedal amp simulator

Lynx 192 KHZ Aurora 32 I/O

Main Pro Tools AD-DA interface

Custom iMac

LaCie external audio drives

Pro Tools 12+ auto Upgrade path + Native instruments Delux

Plugins include Waves, Slate, Autotune, Soundtoys and many more.

Telefunken/AKG ELA M251

Very rare original factory calibration mic 1960s Tube

Neumann 1970s Vintage U87

x 2

Still one of the main tried and true ‘go to’ vocal mics on the planet

Neumann M49 Vintage Early 1960s

A true Tube classic, known as one of the Many ‘Frank Sinatra’ Mics

Neumann U47W Tube

Matched pair Short Body plus single Long Body-3 x Units

Neumann U67 Tube

Original Vintage 1960s U67

Neumann U47 FET

Large diaphragm condenser

Neumann SM69 FET

Large diaphragm stereo condenser 1970’s

Neumann KM84

Small diaphragm condenser microphone

Neumann TLM103

Recently made famous as the mic used at home by Billie Eilish, this is also great on acoustics and electric guitars

Neumann KM86

Original orchestral mic 1960s figure 8


Gold Reference Large Diaphragm TUBE Condenser Vocal mic


Phantom-Large Diaphragm Condenser Vocal mic

Royer 121 Ribbons

Matched pair

Reslo R8 Ribbons

2 Units Mint condition orginal

Michael Joly Los Angeles – modded NT2

Multi-pattern condensor microphone

Audio Technica AT4050

Large dual diaphragm condensor microphone

Audio Technica AT4080

Bidirectional active ribbon mic

Aston Origin

Large diaphram cardioid condenser microphone

AKG C414

x 2

Original 1960s Vintage Units with CK12 capsules


x 4

Original 1970s/80s plus 2 x pad units


Original Vintage Dynamic Cardioid Bass Drum Mic 1960s


Original Vintage Dynamic Cardioid

AKG D202

Original Vintage Dynamic Cardioid

Sennheiser MD409

x 2

Original vintage

Sennheiser MD421

x 4

Original 1970’s/80’s

Sennheiser MD441

x 1

Original 1970’s/80’s


Kick drum/bass instrument dynamic microphone

Beyer M88

Dynamic microphone

Placid Audio Copperphone Mini

50’s Vintage Style ‘Phone’ sound FX Mic


x 2

Iconic dynamic cardioid microphone

Shure SM57

x 4

Cardioid dynamic instrument microphone

Shure SM58

x 2

dynamic microphone

Shure SM7

x 1 Pair

Classic pair ex ABC

Shure SM81-LC

Small Diaphram condensor microphone

Shure SH55

x 4

Reissue Dynamic (Elvis Mic)

Radial Stereo Active DI

x 2

High performance DI box

Pro Co 4 Way Passive Rack Di

High performance DI

PZM Plate Room Mic

Pressure zone gradient

Miktek CV4

Large Diaphragm multi-pattern tube condenser Mic

SE Z5600a II

Matched Stero Pair Tube

Soyuz SU019

Bottle Style Large Diaphram Condensor

Beyer DT100

Audio Technica ATH50X


Extreme ISO

Palmer Personal Headphone Amps

Large Format Absorbers

x 6

Wide base format/depth and padded. Live side/dead side.

Large Format ISO Baffle

x 4

Ceiling shackled

Floor Format Concave Baffle

x 4

On wheels

Tube Type Bass Trap Baffle

x 2

Round scale

1970s Acetone head & cab

Forerunner of Roland

1970s H/H100 watt Marshall head

As used by The Jam/The Clash

’64 Vox AC-30

Twin 12″ combo amp

Vox Cambridge Reverb – V-3 model

12″ Vintage combo amp

Eminar Greenback quad box 1971

100 watt classic quad  valve amplifiers

Fender Deville

Twin x 12″ Tube combo amp

’64 Fender Bassman

Original head and twin 12″cab

GK7000 Bass head

Solid state 700 watt bass amp

Marshall JCM900/Quad

2 channel dual reverb 100W head with tweed Celestion quad box.

77′ Marshall Super Lead

Orange head and cab

Mesa/Boogie Roadster combo amp

Twin x 12″ combo

Laboga 112 Beast

12″ cabinet

Orange TH30/Quad

Twin 12″ cabinet

Trace Elliot Bass Cab

Quad 10″ speakers

Ulbrick DV Custom 50 Head


VHT D50 Head

Dumble clone

Live PA/Audio

2x JBL EON 15

6x Quest foldback monitors

2x L’Acoustics SB 18m

2x L’Acoustics Arcs Focus

Gibson J45 Acoustic

Orange label 1962 reissue

Gibson Advanced Jumbo Acoustic

Orange label 2010

Martin D28


Maton EML6

Acoustic Mini Maton (Ed Shearan)

Guild D17 And D40


Fender Precision Bass

“Crafted in Japan”

Guild Star Fire II Bass

1973 original

Fender Stratocaster

Custom shop 57 journeyman relic

Fender Telecaster Deluxe

1973 original

Fender Telecaster

“Crafted in Japan”

Gibson SG Standard


Gibson Les Paul

1970s double cut away

Gibson Les Paul Custom Lite

2007 in Black

Gibson Les Paul Signature “T”

Alpine White Burst

Gibson Les Paul Traditional

Late model 50’s neck

Gibson ES 335

Custom Shop – 1989

Rickenbacker 360/12V64

12 String Electric

Aria Trini Lopez 335

Japanese 1970

Danelectro Bass

59DC Long Scale reissue

Schecter Stealth

5 String Bass

Many Others inc Pedals

1962 Ludwig 3 piece ‘Ringo’ kit

20″ Kick 13″ Rack 16″ Floor

Ludwig Black Beauty Snare


Sonor / Mapex

Various configs to spec

Kawai Upright Full Size Acoustic Piano

Near new, well tuned

Hammond L100 Spinet Tone Wheel Organ

1970s, excellent condition

Wurlitzer 206 Electric Piano

1970s, excellent condition

Leslie Cabinet

1970s, excellent condition

Komplete Kontrol S61 Midi Controller

61 key MIDI controller

Yamaha PSS780

Five octave keyboard