With Slide’s album ‘Blood Red River’ (all recorded at DGS) coming out back in May and the CD stock just arriving, it was time to put on a show. A small selection of fans, friends and family were invited to the studio on a Saturday night to witness the album performed and filmed live.

The band consisted of stellar drummer Evan Mannell (Angus and Julia, Tim Minchin), bass player Jasper (recently returned from Los Angeles), Slide himself on guitars and vocals and his daughter Lani on background vocals.

The entire performance was captured live to Multitrack Pro Tools by Andrew Beck.

Live audio was the studio’s in-house hi quality L’Acoustics FOH system plus the Quest Q12 monitor rig so no headphones were required. FOH Mix and Monitors were run by veteran live engineer Marshall Cullen. The DOP was Andy Kelly using the latest iphone steady cam system plus other camera techs including film guy Adam True (see film article). Lighting and general assistants were Miguel Cullen-Green and Murray Dilger.

It was a big night but all went to plan so look out for the results as they are released in the coming months.