As part of the Central Coast Music Festival we are running this workshop on September 15th from 10am-3pm

Did you ever want to learn how your favourite album was made? This workshop is to help budding Central Coast musicians learn the right way to record their music to achieve the most professional sound possible. We want to take the wide variety of information about audio recording and condense it down to the basics of what artists need to record at home or in a studio!

This will be a fun learning day for students of any age with professional producer and teacher Colin Wright. You will learn about correct microphone placement and techniques, how a studio recording session is carried out, and what fundamentals are needed to make a professional audio recording.

Please wear comfortable but safe clothing. There will be lifting. Covered shoes only, no thongs or sandals.

There are only very limited spots so if you are interested Call the studio on 0416 143 030 to book! Or email