These legendary vintage units (the first models dating from 1948) have recently arrived and are still in their flight rack awaiting power supply refits and installation.

Originally used as the front end of the 351 mono and stereo Ampex tape machines most extensively throughout the 1950’s and then as Pre amps in the 1960’s these little beauties have a separate Mic Input path which makes for a brilliant Tube Mic Preamp. We’ve seen some for sale online going for upwards of $15000ea and are very happy to have scored a pair of these rare and sought after units.

Heres what one review says

“The sound of the Ampex 351 is extremely thick and warm, making it great for applications of all types. It definitely has a ‘vintage’ sound to it, producing that certain level of thickness and grittiness all in one. I’ve used 351s for recording both drums (snare drum and kick drum) as well as for both acoustic and electric guitar. While I didn’t like the sound as much for acoustic guitar, for electric it sounded beautiful and the same goes for the drums. In general I think the 351s are best for heavy sorts of sounds rather than for bright acoustic instruments, but I’m sure that other users have found uses for it beyond what I’ve done.”