Heres a small sample of the mics on offer that we havent covered in detail before, see previous Mic posts for the other Neumann’s including the vintage M49, Telefunken ELAM251, and RESLO ribbons.

The full Microphone inventory is here

The Royer 121 is best know for being the mic of choice for electric guitar amps and Drum room/overheads. Blink 182 used this microphone on piano and Tom Petty famously uses them on guitar.

The Neumann Fet u47 is best know for being used for recording bass guitar and Kick drums although it is a super Versatile microphone that can be used on things such as vocals and piano.

The AKG C414 is a Large diaphragm condenser microphone from the ’60’s. It is mostly used as a drum mic, either as rooms, overheads, or toms. it can also be used for piano or electric guitar.

The D19 is a small dynamic microphone that was made famous by the engineers at Abbey road studios for being the “ringo” microphone. It was seen to be used as a drum overhead on many of early the drum recordings done by the Beatles. It was also used as a harmonica microphone and was used for acoustic guitar.