Hoodoo Gurus spent a few days tracking new songs with Wayne Connolly producing and engineering. Wayne brought in a range of his own mics and pre-amps to combine with ours. Wayne’s highlights included Warm Audio Neve clones and stereo Peach audio tube mic pre. Mic’s were an AKG C12A, Grundig ribbon and a vintage Neumann U67. From our selection, he loved the Neumann KM86 on electric guitar, Reslo and Royer ribbons, U47 tube on rooms, KM84 for hi-hat and of course all our usual hi-end drum mics and Neve pre-amps. The 3 days were very productive with bed tracks completed for a bunch of songs for the new album. Andrew Beck and Marshall Cullen shared assisting duties on different days and Murray Dilger helped with the setup.