New up and coming Central Coast solo artist Kalen Hogan enjoyed his time at Damien Gerard’s so much he has returned to record three more new songs. His debut single was recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrew Beck earlier this year and the release has been very well received.

This session was also Andrew’s first one back and he thoroughly enjoyed his role of producer/engineer for this fresh young talent. Local session drummer Kayne Butler was the other key element in the production team having also playing on the previous session.

These new tunes will be released in 2023 giving Kalen plenty of time to fine tune them after these first few days of tracking. He particularly enjoyed singing into the Neumann Tube U67 and playing his guitars through the 1964 Fender Bassman amp with an RE20 and TLM103 mic set up. Two of the studio’s classic acoustic guitars a Gibson J45 and a Guild were also favourites.