Kawai Upright Piano

  • On 02/11/2023

We’ve had so many comments from players recently of how much they love our Kawai we just wanted to mention these few –

Winterbourne – ‘This Piano features on our album and the touch of the keys for playing and the sound were the perfect thing we needed to add to the record.’

Bones Bonito – ‘On my own materiel and on the recent session i did for Brothermine(currently being mixed by Paul McKercher) i was just so happy playing the DG Kawai. It’s feel is a joy to play.’

Roger Mason – (The Models, Film Composer) – ‘Using this piano over the many sessions for both the Winged Heels records and Steve Kilbey’s solo projects through Covid really reminded me of the benefits of an acoustic instrument versus sampled sounds and a midi controller. The nuances in the performance are so much clearer this way. Nothing like it.’

Neav Watson – ‘Using this Piano was just lovely on a recent writing session, so nice to play a real instrument.’