Mic & Gear News

  • On 08/04/2022

This month we have some great new additions to the studio that we are extremely jazzed about using on your upcoming projects. Here are just some of our new mics and gear to get you as excited as us.

The Sennheiser 441 has joined our mic line up recently! It is a microphone of exceptional quality. It’s acoustic properties come as close as possible to those of a condenser microphone. And it is also quite famous as the Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) vocal mic.

The AKG D12 is a 1960s original vintage microphone famously used by The Beatles to record Ringo’s bass drum. It is perfect for old school rock and roll style drums and remains a classic that continues to be used today.

When fidelity is the goal, the Manley Reference Gold Mic is the solution. Its nimble CK12-style American-made capsule, open grille, and continually adjustable pickup pattern design allow it to hear deep into a room, capturing nuances and subtleties that other mics miss.

This fantastic Passive Link Re-Amp Box from Adelaide’s Pro-Harmonic gives more level range to allow driving the front end of your amp harder. Dual outputs for sending to two amps or two channels of one amp.