Microphone News

  • On 01/05/2021

Some interesting and different choices throughout April to try a few new things on the capture front. We used a range of different mics to usual to explore some sonic ideas for different sources.

Engineer Jason Blackwell(The Broken Hillbillies) brought in his treasured ancient RCA Ribbon which was designed to capture (real) Gun Shots ( !! – naturally that went on the Duo cab for Electric Guitar)

Some of the specifics we tried were a pair of AKG451’s on the Kawai Piano, Royer R121 Ribbons on drum overhead, Neumann M49 and AKGD19 on Acoustic Guitar, Neumann KM84 on Cello, Brauner Phantom on Vocals, Shure SM7 on Kick Drum, AT4050 on background Vocals and a Reslo Ribbon on Mono Drum Colour along with an impedance matcher,

See pics below