New Equipment

  • On 19/05/2020

Coming Soon

We don’t have exact landing dates yet (due to Covid-19) but we will soon be announcing a very exciting console upgrade along with some very special mics, all coming from overseas. In the meantime here’s a couple of pics and notes on some of our existing Iconic Gear that will be complementing the new additions.

Neve 33115 mic preamps for icons

Neve 33115 Broadcast Series Microphone Pre Amplifier/ Equaliser

Another piece of kit we have had for many many years. Although not as famous as the Neve 1073 preamps these are the units from the Neve Melbourne Sidecar console often seen alongside its bigger brothers. These pres/eq’s have their own unique ‘Neve’ sound and can also be used purely as an equalizer as well. Extremely good for kick and snare and on countless recordings performing that role. Our units are powered by a complete Original Neve 24 volt Console Power Supply which allows them to operate at peak performance.

Lexicon PCM60

Lexicon PCM60

With sounds derived from the large scale Lexicon 224 the PCM60 still stands alone as one of the great early digital reverbs. Ours is in mint condition and is the go to as a “tracking ‘verb”.

Neumann U87 1960s

Neumann U87

Anyone that has watched plenty of music videos has probably seen a U87. Its iconic look and being one of the most used vocal microphones on the planet since the 1960’s has ensured its fame. No less than 2 of them are on the famous John Lennon playing the white Piano picture from his Imagine LP. We have 2 of these both from the early 1970’s.

1964 Vox AC30 and fender Tele Reissue

Vox 1964 AC30 Combo Guitar Amplifier

Ever heard of The Beatles? Checkout any video of them live and you will see Vox amplifiers in the backline. Paul still uses them today. We spent a long time searching for this exact model of the AC30 combo and finally found a 1964, conceivably one of the many model’s used by the boys at Abbey Road.

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