• On 28/07/2020

New Editions

Some of our new exciting equipment arrivals for July include: Royer R121, Komplete Kontrol S61, Headphones, Avantones, and Vintage Fender Bassman.

Royer 121 Ribbon Mic Stero Pair

Royer R121
Ribbon Pair (hard to beat on electric guitar and also great as a more retro sounding overhead or room pair)

Komplete Kontrol keyboard

Komplete Kontrol S61
Midi Controller Keyboard to go with our native instruments pack.

ATH50X Headphones

No less than six pairs of the indomitable ATH50x Headphones to replace the long serving Beyer DT100’s (it was time for an upgrade!!)

Avantone Active Reference Monitors

The modern day Auratone, self-powered, and until the control room refit currently serving in our vinyl rig in the lounge.

Vintage Fender Bassman Duo

Vintage Fender Bassman
We are constantly on the lookout for classic vintage gear it is nice when a box is ticked. Our Bassman arrived just last week and is a 1964 model in mint condition with the duo cab, sounded amazing straight away.