It’s easy to forget the capabilities of a complete music studio, so here’s a quick reminder of many other things we do, as well as recording, mixing, and mastering.

1-Live Streaming Gigs

This is a new service, nevertheless, successful shoots so far have included: Little Quirks (pictured above), Hoodoo Gurus, Luke Escombe, Spencer band, and othrship (check out one of the inhouse live rigs below) There’s a fabulous, high-end PA and we are allowed up to 40 VIP band guests under Covid 19 restrictions.

2- Voice Overs

Recently, we have done a range of work including film descriptions, astrology podcasts, and advertising work. Local voice actors and general talent have been sending us their demos to keep on file.

Neumann U87 in Action on a job

3- Video Clips

The live room is ideally suited to mock up and run playback for a live music video – some bands have done this while recording, however, you can contact us for dry hire rates of the room alone.

4- ReAmping

If you have recorded at home, and it’s all sounding a bit sterile and digital, we can utilise our huge range of backline and vintage mics through the SSL and Neve Preamps to ‘re-amplify’ various tracks to bring them back to life.

5-Tuning and Timing

This relates to the above as well. We have saved many a ‘home’ project by tuning and timing all the tracks in the box (using pro tools) prior to mixing. It’s quite a skill, yet, our engineers have years of experience and can get through a song quite quickly and it’s often the thing that can save the project.

6 Tape and Format Transfers/ conversions/ restoration –

Still got those old tapes up in the attic? We can bake them, transfer them and reinstate them to digital WAV or any other format you require. Most multitrack tape formats from 1/4″ to 2″, Dat tapes, even cassettes can usually all be brought back to life. The same applies to old data discs from early digital systems before hard drive backups.

These are just a few of the extra services we offer at DG’s. Essentially, anything you can imagine as far as audio capture, (we once recorded a Mercedes Benz for an Ad), recording and mixing/mastering/converting in any format we can handle it.