The Blumlein Pair

  • On 10/02/2023

Andrew Beck pulled out his Coles 4038’s for overheads on a recent session and ran them in Blumlein Mode. (The Blumlein Pair technique utilizes two microphones with a bidirectional (figure-of-eight) pickup pattern and positions them on top of – and 90 degrees off axis from – one another.)

Blumlein configuration is one of the most popular techniques for recording in stereo. Its realistic, wide, and focused imaging is why it is one of the primary choices when recording everything from drum overheads to entire orchestras.

On the same session he also added his RE20 to ours to run all 3 mics for Toms and Kick in (along with our FET47. Snare was a Beyer 201 and Sennheiser MD441 and for a distant room mic there was a humble but very effective (in the position we have found) Sennheiser MD421. (see pics below)