The Mic Locker

  • On 02/11/2021

A visiting engineer commented just the other day about the comprehensive nature of our microphone collection. Since then, there have been a few recent acquisitions here’s the updated list by brand and some pics below –

Neumann – U47(w) x 3 Tube short and long body, U67 Vintage 60’s, U87 x2 (70’s), U47FET, M49(60’s), SM69(70’s), KM86, KM84, TLM103,  

AKG –Telefunken ELAM251(vintage),  C414(vintage 60’s) x 2, C451E x 4, D12(Vintage), D112, D202(vintage), D19 (vintage),

Sennheiser – MD421 x 4, MD409 x 2(original vintage),

Beyer – M88

Shure – SM7 x 2(original), SH55 x 2, SM57 x 4, SM58 x 2, SM81, 

Audio Technica – AT4050, AT4080(ribbon)

Royer – R121(ribbon) x 2

Reslo – R8 (vintage 1960s ribbons) x2

Manley – Gold reference Tube Condensor

Brauner – Phantom

Soyuz – SU19 Bottle Mic

Miktek – CV4

SE Technolgies – Z5600 Tube x 2

Electrovoice – RE20 x 2