Ever wondered why certain sounds just don’t measure up even if you are using the same microphone as the professionals or your favorite singer, drummer or guitarist. It’s because there are way more elements in the chain that make a huge difference to the final capture of an instrument or vocal source (not to mention the actual recording space) and once you get past the microphone itself the next thing is the Pre-Amplifier.

ATI Paragon 72V

This is the first set of electronics the mic signal hits when it enters the mixing desk, or interface, or as is often the case a separate hi end Mic Preamp. The quality here is really important as it has to amplify a very low level Mic Signal up to a usable line level signal for the rest of the mixing desk, interface and DAW to be able to receive a good strong level. Here’s just a few of our very well known units in the gallery below including Neve, ATI, Ampex, TL Audio and Golden Age.