Vintage Mic Explosion

  • On 05/06/2022

Pulling out the big gun vintage microphones for some upcoming sessions, some nice outboard pics as well. Pictured here you can see the ELAM251, Neumann U67, Neumann M49, Neumann SM69(stereo), Reslo Ribbons, AKG C414’s(early 60’s), and a Gunter Wagner U47Tube.

On the desk outboard there is of course the famous SSL Bus Compressor and in the API Lunchbow we have the API 525 Comp/Limiters, Neve Portico 535 Comp/Limiters, Shadow Hills Vandergraph Limiter(a bit like a Fairchild) and the rebuild of the classic F765 Vocal Stressors by Q8 Audio.

U67, C414x2, ELAM251, M49, U47W
Reslo Ribbon x 2, Neumann SM69 stereo FET
Neve 535, API 525, Q8Audio Vocal Stressors, Shadow Hills Vandergraph
The Ultimate BUS COMPRESSOR working hard