Music Recording, Tracking and Overdubbing for solo artists, songwriters, singers, bands, spoken word, ensembles, orchestra’s. A large Mic and Headphone selection and multiple acoustic spaces inc 160 square metre live room are available.


Mixing from Pro Tools WAV or other files or 2” 24 Track Tape. Please contact re other source formats. We can Mix ITB or our preferred is bussing out through our classic analog console to make use of the wealth of vintage outboard equipment.

Remote Mixing is possible if you are stuck in a Lockdown as our long serving mixing engineer Russell Pilling is based in beautiful Tasmania these days and has one hell of a mix suite he took down with him.


Various options between attended and unattended and in house versus private suites and engineers (eg Grammy Winner William Bowden based in Tasmania so no Lockdown problems) that we book. We are an Apple approved MFIT (Mastered for Itunes) Mastering House.

Voice Overs

Corporate voice overs for advertising, hold lines, announcements and the like. One of our recent projects was the voice recognition system for Ford.


Digital editing has become a major part of studio services in recent times, including tuning and timing raw tracks for sessions tracked at home or in audio colleges.

Transfers / Tape Restoration

With our long history we have worked with just about every audio format that has come and gone over the years so even if we don’t have the exact device on hand we can usually find one to play your old tapes or digital files. We also use a baking service to restore tapes to usable status. Two Inch tape is our specialty.

Re Amping Service

For those who prefer to record at home or in another state it’s often the case that the bass and guitar end up being compromised by not having a good amp or acoustic space to record them in. So rather than reaching for the amp modeler we provide a service where we can re amp raw tracks through one of our Vintage Amplifiers (eg Vox AC30 1964) in our live room, matched up with a Neumann or other classic vintage mic and then return the new ‘amp’ed’ tracks to you. In fact we recently applied our ‘re amp’ procedure to a Snare Drum – using one of our small monitor speakers to ‘Play’ the drum off the original track.

Backline / Instrument Rental

We of course have a set of generic instruments and backline available for sessions (see Equipment) but we also have some very special items available for rental on sessions for very modest fees.