Ben from Silverchair was back at the studio recently with not one but two drum kits.

The project was to record an entire library of Drum Samples. Ben used 2 drum kits, his Le Soprano custom set and his 1970’s Ludwig.

Ben’s Le Soprano custom kit was Mic’d up with Neumann Fet47 and D12 on Kick, Sennheiser 441 and Sm57 on Snare, Sennheiser 421 top and Sm57 Bottom on toms, Akg C414 Overheads plus a stereo Pair of Tube U47w for rooms and an M49 for Mono room. The reslo ribbons were added for colour mics close and over the kit.

Setting for kit number two Ben’s 70’s Ludwig with much the same mic up as above. For this drum setup we used a tighter dryer space all closed up with baffles.

Engineer George Georgiadis was assisted by Murray Dilger.