We tracked some classical instruments in the studio over January. Firstly Michaele Archer brought in classical guitar virtuoso Guiseppe Zangari to play Nylon String on her second Apsara Album. We already recorded an Indian Harmonium for this same project and Cello and Strings are yet to come. The Vintage Neumann M49 was the perfect choice of mic – see pic.

Guiseppe Zangari plys Nylon for the M49

The second classical recording was a Violin Test with the studio rugs removed and the capture positioned at the more live end of the room. We went to town on the mic up to see what was achievable and to really hear what the room was doing. Firstly we ran a left-centre-right triangular room config using the stereo pair of the Neumann U47’s and a single U87. Then for close mics an AKG CK451EB and Audio Technica 4080 Ribbon were employed. We ended up with the 87 much closer than at first but that was the best sweet spot.