Rockers Cousin Betty chose DG’s specifically so they could track direct to 2″ tape just like the old days. Having all recorded at both DGS Ultimo and DGS Balmain in previous bands these players were well accustomed to tape tracking and wanted to capture that sound all over again. After some tech work and line ups on the faithful 1985 MCI in the days leading up and finding a couple of rolls of tape that were working well, the session went seamlessly. Andrew Beck engineered and had to remember his tape ‘dropin’ skills but it was like riding a bike he says. We all noticed the difference in sound after listening to Pro Tools for so long (just checkout the videos below for a quick listen). It was immediately that old school warm analog, with literally nothing more than the path to tape, just the Vintage Mics, Neve and SSL preamps. Truly a great session and we look forward to the release.