Local Central Coast Drummer / Producer Kayne Butler brought his own Ludwig Kit in to test the room for future projects and we made some drum samples along the way. Marshall Cullen engineered and Murray Dilger ran Pro Tools and got in some assistant patch training at the same time.

Kayne’s kit was very close to ours being a Ludwig sparkle (this one from 1971) with the same size toms 13″ and 16″ but with a slightly bigger 22″ kick drum.

Since the Neumann U47 LCR Mics were up from the previous session (see stems mixing article) we added them to the kit mic up. The Mic up was as follows –

Kick Out FET47, Kick in RE20, Snare Top SM57, Snare Bottom AKGD19, Hats SM81, Rack and Floor MD421, Dark Overheads Royer 121, Bright Overheads AKG451’s, LCR Rooms U47Tube and since it was drums only in the room we recorded the SSL Listen mic (an old large diaphragm tube mic) up in the roof for some squash.

Path to Pro Tools was Neve 1073’s on Kick and Snare through the UREI Compressors, Neve 33115 on Toms, Neve DPA1073 on Royers, SSL Driven Preamps on Room Mics, SSL Clean preamps on Hats and Bright Overheads.