Following on from the sessions below and always a few steps ahead of her releases Jessie’s work last month included Russell Pilling doing the final mix on her next single Quirky, mastered by Andrew Beck as well as adding more overdubs to 2 of her new co written songs with Marshall Cullen and Olivia Ross Adams engineering. Overdubs included guitar and violin by co writer Miguel Cullen-Green and lead and backing vocals from Jessie. The Neumann U87 was perfect for some of the harmonies on figure 8 pattern so they could both sing at once. Starring on Violin is the Neumann KM86 Orchestral Mic and ready to go for Acoustic is the Neumann M49(pics below)

After completing the demos for her new mini-album last year, Jessie May Kitchen came back in for two sessions recently. The first was cutting the song map guides of the album tracks to a click for her programmer to work on with backing tracks. Olivia Ross-Adams ran pro tools and Marshall Cullen produced.

Never one to stand still Jessie also did a second session just using the live room and a little corner nook we created for her to do some co-writing on future songs.