Mark Cashin

  • On 13/10/2020

Mark Cashin Rocking Singles 2020-2021

Young up and coming engineer Murray Dilger put the final touches on the tracking for Mark’s new single. Guitar overdubs courtesy of session player Jake Hunt(Taj Farrant Band) using our Fender Bassman. Extra drums and percussion by Mark and final vocals again on the workhorse go to U87. The files have now been sent to Russell Pilling for yet another of his killer mixdowns. See updated pics below

Mark has recently been back in since the earlier single mentioned below and has started work on a new tune to be released this July. Murray Dilger engineered and even guested on guitar.

For the 2020 single Mark Cashin enlisted the help of bassist Gareth Koch for his single. Mark played drums on our Ludwig Kit plus acoustic guitar and vocals. Local guitarist Jake Hunt rocked out on lead guitar. Marshall Cullen produced and engineered, Murray Dilger stepped up to second engineer for this session and ran Pro Tools. The entire tracking was completed in 5 hours. Very tidy work and now it’s another one for Russell to mix.