Following on from his session back in May (see below) local coastie Pearly was back in for overdubs with Andrew Beck, the work is ongoing and once its out we’ll be sure to let you know – heres some more pics as well as the originals below

Local Performer ‘Pearly’ White who has toured extensively in the USA throughout his career needed to create a new live package submission for 2022 international work and asked us to put a backing group together. We called in the skills and contacts of Kayne Butler and he pulled a terrific group of players in at short notice who fitted the brief beautifully. Andrew Beck engineered and the whole thing came together very fast even though the band hadn’t played with each other before or really heard the tunes properly. 3 songs in around 8 hours, great stuff.

The Lineup was: Kayne Butler (Band Master) Drums, Dylan Risby Keyboards, Adam Black Electric Guitar, Anthony Collins Bass, Andrew Beck Engineer, Pearly White acoustic guitar and vocals