DGS Hosts Performances To Live Audience

With so few real gigs around due to the limited numbers for public gatherings during COVID, many artists are turning to studios that can cater to full live set ups in order to live record and stream to their fans.

Many have taken advantage of the fact that even if being live streamed on the day, songs can also be remixed and vision edited for future as well.

Having hosted a few of these now, our most recent took the concept to a new level by including a small audience for the first time.

Having checked our COVID numbers, we found we could actually have up to 40 people including staff in the live and control rooms at any one time. To play it safe, this show was kept to around 25 but it was a real pleasure having a live audience in front of the band dancing and chatting, creating the atmosphere that is missed with streaming the band only.


We have also upped the ante, with a few new additions to our live inventory including an L’Acoustics Arcswide/Sub FOH System and 6 x Crest Q12 Pro Floor Monitors all from the renowned Johnstons Audio (part of JPJ). With gear like that, we also used a dedicated systems and monitor tech, the infamous Davros (Nick Cave, Hoodoo Gurus).

Luke Escombe Live Show

Recently we saw a great live event with the fabulous Luke Escombe and his merry band of killer musicians: the dream team of Evan Mannell on drums, Zoe Hauptmann on bass and Aaron Flower on guitar.

Filming and Lights were by Simon Watts capturing it all on camera and following through to the post side.

Luke Escombe - live lounge area

Book Your Live Session

The Damien Gerard Studio can easily handle sessions of up to 40 including staff, with 160 square meters of space that is well within the rules for social distancing. Click here to view our COVID procedures.

If you are thinking about putting on a show like this get in touch via email or call Marshall on
0416 143 030 and we can tailor our services to suit.