AKG C414

The original 1960’s Classic Austrian made units which started the legend. Hard to beat on overheads nd many other sources.


Famously seen in many photos of the Beatles at Abbey Road, around Ringo’s kit, on acoustic guitar and harmonica.

Neumann M49

The M49 is the vocal mic of choice for many famous vocalists such as Chris Cornell, Mick Jagger and many more.

Miktek CV4

The Miktek is a mic used for alot of different applications such as Vocals, Guitar, Piano and strings. producers/engineers such as Alan Parsons, Glynn Wood and Vance Powell frequently utilise this mic in their recordings.

Neuman U47W

The Neumann U47 was a Mic renowned for its use in the ’50’s and ’60’s with artists such as the Beatles and Frank Sinatra.