Just Like Me

Mark Cashin will release the 4th in the series of tribute songs following the tragic loss of his son Coen in a car accident 4 years ago.

Mark says “That time has come around again as we hit July and know I will be showing my love & dedication to honour my late son with this new release. What a beautiful tribute song! Just Like Me releases on July 10 & this year would be Coen’s 27th birthday.

A very special song for one of the most innovative drummers … an evolution on the skins in modern times.  This years effort following on from last years “Move Your Body” a co – write with  Coen prior to his passing. The last photo that was taken of us together in the studio showed just that . September last year I was talked into moving houses only one block away from where we both lived … the first day in the house the new song started to scribe it self in my head. These songs I don’t write – they just write them selves as did previous tribute songs “Where Are You Now” & “Eternal Love”.

Mark Cashin-Just Like Me


Brings rock back to the fore” – Rock Candy Mag

Incredible voice & truly epic sound” – Epic Radio

Sounds of a new world rock music scene” – V1 Music

Punchy guitar & poppy vocals” – Low Tone Media